Keynote Speakers

  • Dr David Heath

David received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering and PhD from The University of Melbourne. He is National Technical Manager of the ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing based at the University of Melbourne.  In this role David coordinates the research and development activities within the Centre, working closely with PhD and postdoctoral fellows to develop innovative solutions to benefit Australia’s prefabricated building industry.

He frequently engages with prefab companies and is a regular contributor to Built Offsite, the magazine published for Australia’s prefab industry. He was previously National Technical Manager of the Australian Engineered Fasteners and Anchors Council where he specialised in fastening technologies, contributing to the review of Australian Standards, delivered seminars to educate engineers, trained fastener installers, and chaired the AEFAC Standard Development Committee.

He is also past-Chair of the Victorian Structural Branch, Engineers Australia.