Preventive conservation

Customised storage box with an old book inside
Customised storage for preservation

The preservation of collections and cultural material is central to a museum or collection institutions' core business. Preventive Conservation aims at identifying and reducing potential risk to cultural collections. Through focused actions and strategic management, Preventive Conservation slows deterioration and damage to cultural material collections.

Collection Assessments and the development of Preventive Conservation Strategy Plans help custodians to manage their collections more effectively by offering practical advice on environmental issues, storage, handling and display issues, risk management, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery.

The Grimwade Centre can develop preservation strategies and management plans specific to individual collections, working within the collection's operating budget to ensure the development of an effective, efficient and sustainable program.

More focused projects can produce:

  • Collection Surveys -  where individual objects in the collection are assessed for their condition and conservation needs. This usually includes the delivery of a database containing the relevant information.
  • Condition reports - where individual items are assessed for their condition and conservation needs, relevant for the preparation of items for auction; travel; exhibition loan; insurance purposes.
  • Detailed Environmental Assessments - where long term monitoring and assessment of environmental data is undertaken.
  • Development of Disaster Preparedness Plans including an initial risk assessment followed by risk reduction recommendations and a disaster recovery plan.
  • Pest Monitoring and development of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. GCCMC-Conservation Services can also provide freezer treatment and cleaning for pest-affected objects. Note that not all materials can undergo freezer treatment.
  • Routine maintenance as part of an overall strategy for collection preservation.
  • Custom-made archival boxes and storage systems for the storage and display of cultural materials, such as books, works of art on paper, archival collections and memorabilia.

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