19th Century Prison Record

Archival Material - Public Collection, Victoria.


These pictures show the before and after treatment images of two pages from a 19th Century prison record book that had seen a lot of use over the years. The first thirty-two pages of this book had become fully detached from the rest of the book block. The edges of these detached pages were extensively torn and well worn. Presumably in an attempt to stabilise the pages, these edges and tears had then been mended with different types of  ‘sticky' tape, which had degraded and stained the paper.


The tape and discoloured tape adhesive was removed using solvents. Once the adhesive was reduced as much as possible, the tears and losses in the sheet edges were repaired using Japanese tissue that was toned to match the colour of the pages.

Before treatment

Discoloured "sticky" tape intact, with tears to the paper and detached pages.

After treatment

Removal of tape and reduction of associated staining. Tear repairs with toned Japanese tissue.