Objects and textiles conservation treatments

Phoenix Jardiniere Ceramic

This wheel-thrown, hand painted ceramic vessel was broken into one large section and 24 smaller pieces of varying size. There was flaking of the glazed surface, and some loss to the body of the vessel.

Colossus Globe, dated 1854

Overall, the globe was severely discoloured, due to degradation of the natural resin varnish layer. The treatment largely addressed the discoloured varnish and stabilised loose elements.

Thozet Medals, 1866-7

The medallions, designed by artist Charles Summers, and manufactured by W. Calvert, are made from a combinaton of materials: wood; glass and copper alloy metal. The medals had breaks in the wood and glass, and corrosion of the metal.

Torrumbarry Hall & Committee - Honour Roll

The Honor Board had been splashed with off white oil paint, which obliterated all the names. Areas of the wood not covered in paint were in poor condition. The treatment removed the white oil paint and restored areas of damage.

Silver Platter - Victorian Racing Club Collection

The platter had several dents and scratches present on the metal surface. These appear to be the result of abrasion or small impacts to the surface, resulting in loss of silver on the surface. Tarnish or corrosion of the silver alloy layer in localized areas resulted in a darkening of these areas. The platter was polished to remove old polish residue, and degreased with acetone.