Calculus and Probability Online

Area of Study Type of Course Level of Study
Mathematics Non-Award Single Subject
Subject Calculus and Probability Online
Partner Faculty Faculty of Science, School of Mathematics and Statistics
Delivery Information

Summer Intensive - January to February (6 week intensive)
Semester One - March to May (9 week course)
Semester Two - August to October (9 week course)

This subject will next be offered in Semester two:

* Online registration opens 16 July 2018
* 9 course teaching weeks from Monday 13 August 2018 to Friday 19 October 2018
* Non teaching period falls from 24 to 28 September
* Swot Vac week 22 - 26 October
* An examination on Monday 29 October 2018
* Final results release date is Monday 5 November 2018

For detailed planning purposes see the generic course timetables.

Subject Description

This subject covers fundamental concepts about functions and their inverses using examples such as the logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric functions. Differential and integral calculus will also be studied. In the probability section of the course both Discrete and Continuous Random Variables are studied in particular Binomial and Normal Distributions. You will need to work through topics from Module One and/or Module Two (as appropriate) each week. For each of the topics you should:

  • Watch lecture videos and take appropriate notes (depending on your experience with the topic).
  • Complete practice sheet questions, the practice sheets given are the absolute MINIMUM you would need to do for each topic.
  • Check your answers and watch solution video if necessary.
  • Do extra follow up questions from the additional material (Located in Extra Resources) if you need extra practice. Your prior experience will determine how much you need to do to learn each technique.
  • Attend the weekly online tutorial via Zoom.
  • It is estimated that the subject will require approximately 8 to 12 hours time commitment per week, including watching all the videos and doing problems. However this will depend on the student and is only an estimate. Note: Course will only run if minimum number of participants is met.

This subject covers similar material to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subject, Mathematical Methods 3/4 and provides a firm foundation for tertiary mathematics study. As such, the subject Calculus and Probability will stand as an equivalent prerequisite to Mathematical Methods Units 3/4 for entry to the Bachelors of Science, Commerce and Biomedicine and Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne, as well as for particular subjects within those degree programs.

Students may enrol in one or both of the modules, depending on their prior study. If you are unsure if your current qualifications meet the prerequisite requirements for your intended program of study, it is advisable to contact the University of Melbourne for advice.
If you have already had your qualifications assessed by the University of Melbourne and have been advised that you do not have sufficient background in either Calculus or Probability, then you may choose to enrol in either one or both modules as appropriate.

This subject will not count for credit towards any degree program offered by The University of Melbourne.

Entry Requirements

The subject Calculus and Probability builds on material covered in VCE Mathematical Methods 1/2 and you are strongly recommended to have completed that subject, or a subject equivalent to it, before attempting this subject. It is the responsibility of each student to determine if their prior study meets these requirements.

You can test your knowledge by completing this Test. You can see the answers, but try and do the test without looking at these first. This subject is not a technology-based subject so no calculator is required, nor will it be permitted to use a calculator in the examination.

The non-technology questions of the VCE curriculum are the most appropriate to study in preparation for attempting this online subject. The expected background for this subject includes the topics:

  • Algebra (factorization, expansion, solving equations, simplification, simultaneous equations, equation of a straight line)
  • Functions and Graphs (domain, range, parabola graphs, trigonometric exact values, unit circle & symmetry)
  • Probability (probability of simple and compound events, Venn diagrams, tree diagrams, conditional probability)
  • Calculus (derivatives and anti-derivatives of simple algebraic functions)
Delivery Mode

Fully online

Subject Fees

The cost of this subject is:

  • Full subject (both modules) $930
  • One module only $530 - Students who are unable to attend the examination at the University of Melbourne will be required to make arrangements to sit the examination at an appropriate venue at their own cost. See guidelines
Additional Information

Technical requirements - Participation in the subject requires access to the internet using a device with a Windows or Mac operating system. The subject is delivered through the University of Melbourne's Learning Management System (LMS) that can be accessed via a student account that you will receive when you enrol in the subject.

The subject uses Zoom for conducting online tutorials, which requires a video and audio connection with your device and is most effective through a laptop or PC. You will be sent an email invitation to attend a session at a given time each week - more information will be given to you before the first session.

Assignments will need to be completed by hand and submitted via the Turnitin system on the LMS. You will need to either save your work as a single pdf or scan it as a pdf in order to submit it. There are strict deadlines for the submission of assignments for them to be considered in your assessment. Assessment of the assignments will count for 24% of your final mark. An examination for each module will be held in the examination week and will constitute 76% of your final mark.

The examination is a handwritten examination, which must be properly supervised either at the University of Melbourne (Parkville) or at a supervised location that you must arrange yourself and have approved by the subject coordinator. See guidelines. Grades and Certification Students will receive notification of their grades for the subject once the examination has been marked.

Students will be issued with a certificate indicating their grades. Successful completion of the subject with a mark of at least 50% will be required for the subject to count as an equivalent prerequisite to VCE Mathematical Methods 3&4 at the University of Melbourne. Students who do not receive a score of 50% or more may be eligible to re-sit the examination and should contact the subject coordinator to discuss this.

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