Meet our Presenter

  • Lyndal Plant

Urban Forester Pty Ltd

Lyndal has 25 years of local government experience in the urban green space and urban forest sector of Brisbane, Queensland. Lyndal understands political and budget processes and has led the development of innovative, cost-effective, fit-for-purpose strategies such as the Subtropical Boulevard Vision and Delivery (Brisbane City Council 2006) and Neighbourhood Shadeways (Brisbane City Council 2006) and “no net canopy area loss” policy (Brisbane City Council 2009).

Lyndal has helped develop and implement guidelines, procedures, planning scheme policies and legislation (Natural Asset Local Law 2003; Neighbourhood Dispute Resolution Act 2011).

Lyndal has experience presenting to local, national and international audiences. And her recent PhD research has helped advance urban forest evidence gathering and the business cases for investment in green infrastructure. Lyndal is a Board Member of TREENET, a member of Arboriculture Australia, Veteran Tree Group Australia, and supporter of 202020 Vision,  Arbor Day Foundation’s Alliance for Community Trees.