Meet our Presenter

  • Ian Shears

Practice Lead
Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure
City of Melbourne

Ian now leads the City of Melbourne's stewardship and advocacy, external liaison and strategic work regarding urban forestry, integrated water management and green infrastructure. The role connects the day-to-day management of Council's green and blue assets to contemporary needs and opportunities in a time of changing climate and population.

From 2010 to 2015 as Manager Urban Landscapes Ian Shears led the City of Melbourne’s climate change adaptation program for urban landscapes. Ian’s teams has delivered a $40 million climate adaptation program based on strategic green infrastructure, including increasing the city’s urban forest to enhance cooling and mitigate the urban heat island, and various stormwater harvesting schemes to reduce potable water use.

Ian has also been the Manager of Urban Sustainability at the City where he led a number of key strategies including: Urban Forest Strategy, Open Space Strategy, Total Watermark – City as a Catchment, Zero Net Emissions, Climate Adaptation Strategy, and Urban Ecology and Biodiversity.

Ian and his team have developed some of Australia’s most progressive local government environmental policies. This has been recognised through awards such as: the Adaptation and Resilience Award at the C40; the Siemen City Climate Leadership Awards 2014, the Best Specific Environmental Initiative for Local Government 2013 by the United Nations Association of Australia; and the inaugural Climate Change Adaptation Award by the 25th Banksia Foundation Awards.