Meet our Presenter

  • Dave Kendal

Senior Lecturer
University of Tasmania

Dave was a key member of the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology for many years, from where he became a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, in the Clean Air and Urban Landscape (CAUL) hub of the National Environmental Science Program.

Dave has recently moved south to Tasmania to take up a Senior Lecturer position in Geography at the University of Tasmania, Hobart.

Dave’s research explores people’s relationship with and effect on nature from a social-ecological perspective. Dave works extensively with government and industry to produce research with relevance and impact on the planning and management of green spaces and ecosystems in cities. Dave was instrumental in the community engagement activities and precinct planning for the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy.

Dave has recently published several research reports with the City of Melbourne, Victoria’s Royal Botanic Gardens and a network of national local governments, to assess the vulnerability of urban tree species to climate change warming.