• Maha Ali Abdel-Wahab
    Maha Ali Abdel-Wahab
    Pharos University

    Importance of Regional Strategic Planning in Developing the Region (Case Study: Egyptian Regions)

  • May Jalal Al-Saffar
    May Jalal Al-Saffar
    United Arab Emirates University

    Sustainable Design Strategies in Hot, Arid Climate

  • Suleiman Alhadidi
    Suleiman Alhadidi
    University of New South Wales

    Earthquake Disaster Response: Rebuilding Sustainable Modular Schools in Nepal

  • Hannah Baker
    Hannah Baker
    University of Cambridge

    Embodied Carbon and the Decision to Demolish or Adapt

  • Ayse Bayazit
    Ayse Bayazit
    Altinbas University

    Case Study: Do Database Sources Affect Environmental Performance of Roof Coverings?

  • Dr Sasanka Borah
    Dr Sasanka Borah
    Assam Engineering College

    Sustainable Construction in the Context of Smart Villages in Assam

  • Craig Alexander Burton
    Craig Alexander Burton
    The University of Melbourne

    Behaviour Change Via Social Sanctions and Shared Electricity

  • Josephine C.M. FU
    Josephine C.M. FU
    J Patterson Co. Ltd.

    Built Heritage Conservation and Social Sustainability in Hong Kong

  • Chau, Dr Hingwah
    Dr Hing-wah Chau
    The University of Melbourne

    ZEMCH Sustainable Design Workshop: An Interactive Model for Sustainability Education
    Exploration of the Measurement of the Indoor Environmental Quality monitored in a Selected Aged Care Home in Victoria

  • Glen Currie
    Glen Currie
    The University of Melbourne

    Understanding Household Solar Adoption in Australia

  • Paulina Carpio Díaz
    Paulina Carpio Díaz

    A New Concept for Sustainable Housing, a Sustainable Changing Home

  • Dr Charles Ian Drozynski
    Dr Charles Ian Drozynski
    Cardiff University

    Introduction of the TSC into the Emerging Local Markets in Wales

  • Mahmoud A Haggag
    Dr Mahmoud A Haggag
    United Arab Emirates University

    Environmental Benefits of Vegetated Green Wall in Hot-Arid Climate of Al-Ain, UAE

  • Osama Adel A. Hassan
    Osama Adel A. Hassan
    University of Sharjah

    Context-Responsive Modular System: A Pragmatic Solution for Socially Conscious Architecture

  • Cynthia Dos Santos Hentschke
    Cynthia Dos Santos Hentschke
    Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

    An Assessment Method for Customizable Attributes in Social Housing Projects

  • Dr Aila Khan
    Dr Aila Khan
    Western Sydney University

    The Relationship Between Retrofitted Double-Glazed Windows and Occupant Wellbeing

  • Professor Brian Matthew Kelly
    Professor Brian Matthew Kelly
    University of Nebraska

    Open Design: Shared Authorship in Mass Customized Design

  • Professor Yvonne Eivor Lagrosen
    Professor Yvonne Eivor Lagrosen
    University West

    Towards Sustainable Quality Management - Exploring Underlying Mechanisms

  • Stephanie Liddicoat
    Stephanie Liddicoat
    The University of Melbourne

    Inclusive Design: Outcomes from Knowledge Translation of Research Findings

  • Heather Mitcheltree
    Heather Mitcheltree
    The University of Melbourne

    Earthquake Disaster Response: Rebuilding Sustainable Modular Schools in Nepal

  • Dr Trivess Moore
    Dr Trivess Moore
    RMIT University

    Is the sustainability message coming home?

  • Sareh Naji
    Sareh Naji
    The University of Melbourne

    Sensitivities of Building Envelope Parameters affecting Thermal Comfort

  • Wenjian Pan
    Wenjian Pan
    The University of Hong Kong

    Diverse Morphological Patterns of Urban Villages and Insights for Achieving Adaptive Urban Neighbourhood

  • Maria Panagiotidou
    Maria Panagiotidou
    The University of Melbourne

    Low energy building retrofit: A review of objectives and solutions

  • Fraser Paxton
    Fraser Paxton
    The University of Melbourne

    Moving Assembly Line for Low Cost Mass Customised Homes
    A Minimum Viable Product Design of Volumetric Building Modules

  • Stefano Politi
    Stefano Politi
    University of Bologna

    Overview of Building LCA from the Sustainability Rating Tools Perspective

  • Birte Christina Renger
    Birte Christina Renger
    net Zero Design

    Modular Net Zero Carbon House: Prototype Development for Mass Customisation

  • Selma Saraoui
    Selma Saraoui
    Université of Bejaia and Biskra

    Analysis and Visualization of the New Architectural Spatiality: Light and Sound Topologies in Museums

  • Sheikh Khaleduzzaman Shah
    Sheikh Khaleduzzaman Shah
    The University of Melbourne

    Net Zero Fossil Energy for Heating Detached Houses in Harbin

  • Zahraa Aaref Al Shikh
    Zahraa Aaref Al Shikh
    University of Sharjah

    Enhancing the Energy Performance of Skyscrapers
    Analysis of Lighting Performance in Residential Unit Converted into Nursery

  • Professor Kheira Anissa Tabet Aoul
    Professor Kheira Anissa Tabet Aoul
    United Arab Emirates University

    Climate Resilience of Self-Built Housing under a Hot Arid Climate; Algeria
    Bridging the Gap between Technical Education and Ethical Commitment to a Sustainable Built Environment

  • Dr Paco Mejias Villatoro
    Dr Paco Mejias Villatoro
    Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

    Porches, Garages, and Yards: "Third Places" for Ageing Socially

  • Lien Wijnants
    Lien Wijnants
    KU Leuven

    Design of a Prefabricated Rooftop Extension with Low Environmental Impact

  • Associate Professor Sara Wilkinson
    Associate Professor Sara Wilkinson
    University of Technology Sydney

    Procurement, Sustainability & Adaptive Reuse Projects in Sydney

  • Emma Rose Woodward
    Emma Rose Woodward
    Victoria University of Wellington

    Reconnecting Children with Nature: Biophilic Primary School Learning Environments

  • Alessandra Yokata
    Alessandra Yokata
    The University of Melbourne

    Exploring demands for Mass Customised Prefabricated Houses in Brazil
    Generalising ZEMCH Sustainable Design Workshop

  • Xiang Zhang
    Xiang Zhang
    National University of Singapore & Harbin Institute of Technology

    Comparison of the Quantitative Evaluation System between ESGB AND EEWH

  • Dr Jenny Jin Zhou
    Dr Jenny Jin Zhou
    The University of Melbourne

    Comparing Mixing Ventilation and Displacement Ventilation in University Classrooms

  • Yu Zhou
    Yu Zhou
    The University of Melbourne

    Hybrid Geothermal-Gas and Geothermal-Solar-Gas Heating Systems for Poultry Sheds