The ARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing is the centrepiece for collaborative, eco-friendly, prefabricated housing research in Australia, striving to deliver breakthrough product and process innovations that will enable the Australian housing industry to compete on a global stage.

The centre aims to unlock the potential growth of Australia’s prefabricated building industry by creating a co-operative training system between industry and universities leading to local employment growth and increased exports of prefabricated products and services.


Thrive is the new hub, based at the University of Melbourne, for industry-relevant research on design and innovation for sustainable, thriving built environments. Its mission is to carry out applied trans-disciplinary research that will investigate thriving in cities and develop real world solutions for the built environment.

Thrive’s key focus is to develop new knowledge in the theme areas of buildings, people and ecosystems in cities. The central focus of the hub is on applied research and visible outcomes that create a better world. We ask a central question: what will support sustainable city development in the 21st century – and how can cities thrive through future challenges?


The University of Melbourne is a national leader in energy research, with over 300 experts engaged across science, technology, economics and policy of energy. Melbourne Energy Institute provides a focal point for the University’s energy researchers and government and industry partners. Since the Institute launched in 2010, it has developed many interdisciplinary research programs across economics, engineering, health, the humanities, law and the sciences.

Contact: Caitlin McGrane

Melbourne Energy Institute