How to apply for courses

The information on this page is relevant to students in award courses. For any other courses or programs please refer to the specific course webage in Search our Courses

Meet the entry requirements

All students must satisfy the selection criteria of the course and meet The University of Melbourne's English Language Requirements. Refer to the course webpage for specific details.

Complete the application form

Refer to the Apply Now / Book Now link on the course page for which you are applying. When you apply on the course page, the application form prepopulates some fields to save you some time.

Attach all documentation

Some courses require documentation to be provided as evidence that you meet entry requirements. This is advised in the course entry requirements section. You can apply without these documents, but the process is quicker and more efficient if you can upload all the information needed when you submit your application. The following are some of the documents that are most often required to support an application: Academic Transcript - An Academic Transcript is the official record of your studies at a University. It details the courses you have completed, the awards granted and includes the majors, programs or streams you have completed. Your Academic Transcript lists all subjects undertaken with the corresponding mark and grade, arranged by the years in which the study was undertaken. It also shows your full name.

All students should have received an official transcript from each University at which they have been an enrolled student. The University of Melbourne requires all students to provide an original or certified copy of Academic Transcript to verify your academic history.

Note: Students that completed their undergraduate studies at The University of Melbourne are not required to submit Academic Transcripts as we are able to access internal systems for these records. Resume - Some courses specify work experience which is relevant to the course as part of the entry requirements. Typically where this is the case a resume is requested.  If this is the case then you need to upload a pdf copy of your resume with your application, making sure that the specific entry requirements are demonstrated in the document (i.e. two years of relevant work experience). Change of Name - Students that have changed their name since completing their undergraduate degree must supply evidence of their name change (e.g. marriage certificate). This can be a photocopy but it needs to be certified as a true record.

Selection process

Selection into award courses is based on the entry requirements of each course. Typically each applicant will be assessed on academic and professional work experience. Please see the course webpage for the course in which you are interested and for specific entry requirements.

Contact us

Please refer to individual course pages for Program Coordinator contact details.