Please note the authors’ session times are subject to change within the allocated day

Day 1, Monday 29 January

8:009:00Registration - The Atrium, MSD Building, Parkville campus
9:0010:00Buses from MSD Building to Burnley campus
10:0010:15Opening Session chaired by Sara Wilkinson
10:1510:30Keynote 1 Mat Santamouris (via ZOOM)
10:3010:50Keynote 2 Janis Birkeland
10:5011:10Keynote 3 Dominique Hes
11:1012:00Keynote 4 Greg Foliente
12:0013:30Lunch & Tour of Burnley campus
13:3013:45Keynote 5 Tuan Ngo and David Heath
13:4514:00Keynote 6 Bruce Herbes and Jan Bagley Bayside City Council Sustainability Winners
14:0014:15Keynote 7 Carolyn Whitzman
14:1515:15Buses from Burnley campus to Federation Square
15:1516:15Federation Square Tour with Prof. Don Bates
16:1517:00City tours at delegates own leisure
17:0018:00Happy Hour at Riverland, Federation Square, Yarra River

Day 2, Tuesday 30 January

Session OneChair: Kheira Anissa Tabet AoulPaperPresenterCountry
9:009:15Climate Resilience of Self-Built Housing Under a Hot Arid Climate; Algeria66Kheira Anissa Tabet AoulUnited Arab Emirates
9:159:30Low Energy Building Retrofit: A Review of Objectives and Solutions11Maria PanagiotidouAustralia
9:309:45Introduction of the Transpired Solar Collector into the Market of the Convergence Areas of Wales33Charles DrozynskiUnited Kingdom
9:4510:00Is The Sustainability Message Coming Home? 59Trivess MooreAustralia
10:0010:15Affordable Waste Management Solutions for Community Housing37Hemanta DoloiAustralia
10:1510:45Morning Tea
Session TwoChair: Victor Andres Bunster MilnesPaperPresenterCountry
10:4511:00Exploring the Impacts of Personalisation on Energy-Efficiency of Chilean Social Housing64Victor Andres Bunster MilnesAustralia
11:0011:15Open design: Shared Authorship in Mass Customized Design12Brian KellyUnited States of America
11:1511:30Investigation of High Humidity Environment in The Under Floor Space16Yoshiki SatoJapan
11:3011:45Environmental Benifits Of Vegetated Green Wall in Hot- Arid Climate Of Al-Ain, UAE70Mahmoud A. HaggagUnited Arab Emirates
11:4512:00Sustainable Construction in the Context of Smart Villages in Assam 40Hemanta DoloiAustralia
12:0012:15A Minimum Viable Product Design of Volumetric Building Modules34Fraser PaxtonAustralia
Session ThreeChair: Cynthia dos Santos HentschkePaperPresenterCountry
13:1513:30An Assessing Method for Customizable Attributes In Social Housing Projects74Cynthia dos Santos HentschkeBrazil
13:3013:45Inclusive Design: Outcomes From Knowledge Translation of Research Findings3Stephanie LiddicoatAustralia
13:4514:00Reconnecting Children with Nature: Biophilic Primary School Learning Environments63Emma WoodwardNew Zealand
14:0014:15Effects of Changing Chilled Water Supply Temperature of DHC System15Shun YoshidaJapan
14:1514:30Diverse Morphological Patterns of Urban Villages and Insights for Achieving Adaptive Urban Neighbourhoods77Wenjian PanHong Kong
14:3015:00Afternoon Tea
Session FourChair: Birte Christina RengerPaperPresenterCountry
15:0015:15Modular Net Zero Carbon House: Prototype Development for Mass Customisation69Birte Christina RengerAustralia
15:1515:30Hybrid Geothermal-Gas and Geothermal-Solar-Gas Heating Systems for Poultry Sheds60Yu ZhouAustralia
15:3015:45A Comparative Analysis on the Thermal Performance of Air-Type PVT Collector Applied Baffles83Ji Suk YuSouth Korea
15:4516:00Understanding Household Solar Adoption in Australia7Glen CurrieAustralia
16:1516:30The Nature of Sustainability in Architectural Design (ZOOM)43Rosalba BelibaniItaly
16:3016:45Analysis and Visualization of the New Architectural Spatiality: Light and Sound Topologies in Museums (ZOOM)13Selma SaraouiAlgeria

Day 3, Wednesday 31 January

Session FiveChair: Hing-wah ChauPaperPresenterCountry
9:009:15Thermo-Energetic Performance of Wood Frame Panels in Brazilian Low-income Housing (ZOOM)19Heitor BortoneBrazil
9:159:30Filling The Gaps: Modifying Modular Housing in Chile81Sandra CarrascoAustralia
9:309:45Built Heritage Conservation and Social Sustainability in Hong Kong54Josephine C.M. FUHong Kong
9:4510:00Sustainable Prefab Houses: Challenging Conventions in Design, Construction and Occupation78Sarah Breen Lovett & David KrollAustralia
10:0010:15The Effect of Shadow Costs On Environmental Impact of Construction Materials29Ayse BayazitTurkey
10:1510:30ZEMCH Sustainable Design Workshop: An Interactive Model for Sustainability Education56Hing-wah ChauAustralia
10:3011:00Morning Tea
Session SixChair: Andrew PianellaPaperPresenterCountry
11:0011:15Bridging the Gap between Technical Education and Ethical Commitment to a
Sustainable Built Environment
71Kheira Anissa Tabet AoulUnited Arab Emirates
11:1511:30Behaviour Change Via Social Sanctions and Shared Electricity14Craig BurtonAustralia
11:3011:45Design of a Prefabricated Rooftop Extension with Low Environmental Impact50Lien WijnantsBeligium
11:4512:00The Relationship Between Retrofitted Double-Glazed Windows and Occupant Wellbeing58Aila KhanAustralia
12:0012:15Development of a Home Environment Visualization and Management System38Yusuke NakajimaJapan
12:1512:30The Secret Formula to Determine The Ambient Temperature of a Tropical Green Low-Cost Building Following Passive Design (ZOOM)36Karl WagnerMalaysia
Session SevenChair: Sareh NajiPaperPresenterCountry
13:3013:45Sensitivity Analysis of Building Envelope Parameters Affecting Thermal Comfort76Sareh NajiAustralia
13:4514:00Earthquake Disaster Response: Rebuilding Sustainable Modular Schools In Nepal 86Heather Mitcheltree & David FrancisAustralia
14:0014:15A New Concept for Sustainable Housing, a Sustainable Changing Home (ZOOM)20Paulina Elvira Carpio DÃ-azEcuador
14:1514:30An Optimum Construction Strategy for Multi-Story Residential Prefabricated Modular Buildings82Pasindu Thalpe GurugeAustralia
14:3014:45Effect of Thermal Bridge on the Insulation Performance of VIP Applied Walls 84Sang Myung KimSouth Korea
14:4515:00Towards Sustainable Quality Management – Exploring Underlying Mechanisms51Yvonne LagrosenSweden
15:0015:30Afternoon Tea
Session EightChair: Sara WilkinsonPaperPresenterCountry
15:0015:15Resilience, Residential Building and Rating Tools in Australia79Sara WilkinsonAustralia
15:1515:30Thermal Imaging Assessment of Building Envelope Performance in the UAE Existing Housing (ZOOM)77Rahma HagiUnited Arab Emirates
15:3015:45Enhancing the Energy Performance of Skyscrapers (ZOOM)25Zahraa Al ShikhUnited Arab Emirates
15:4516:00Analysis of Lighting Performance in Residential Unit Converted into Nursery (ZOOM)85Zahraa Al ShikhUnited Arab Emirates
16:1516:30Importance Of Regional Strategic Planning In Developing the Region
(Case Study: Egyptian Regions) (ZOOM)
87Maha Ali Elsayed Abdel-wahabEgypt
16:3016:45Overview of Building LCA from the Sustainability Rating Tools Perspective (ZOOM)30Stefano PolitiItaly
19:3022:00Gala Dinner, Woodward Conference Centre

Day 4, Thursday 1 February

Session NineChair: Alessandra YokotaPaperPresenterCountry
9:009:15Exploring Demands For Mass Customised Prefabricated Houses in Brazil75Alessandra YokotaAustralia
9:159:30Moving Assembly Line For Low Cost Mass Customised Homes31Fraser PaxtonAustralia
9:309:45Porches, Garages and Yards: Third Places For Ageing Socially24Paco Mejias VillatoroChina
9:4510:00Embodied Carbon and the Decision to Demolish or Adapt39Hannah BakerUnited Kingdom
10:0010:15Net Zero Fossil Energy For Heating Detached Houses In Harbin68Sheikh Khaleduzzaman ShahAustralia
10:1510:30Sustainable Design Strategies In Hot, Arid Climate2May Al-SaffarBahrain
10:3011:00Morning Tea
Session TenChair: Jenny Jin ZhouPaperPresenterCountry
11:0011:15Comparing Mixing Ventilation and Displacement Ventilation in University Classrooms32Jenny Jin ZhouAustralia
11:1511:30A Study on the Improvement Direction of Urban Public Senior Housing88Haeyeon YooSouth Korea
11:3011:45ZEMCH - Zero Energy Mass Custom Houses: Definitions and Correlation52Pablo Jimenez MorenoUnited Kingdom
11:4512:00An Optimisation Method for MEP Plant Room Modularisation80Tharindu SamarasingheAustralia
12:0012:15Context-Responsive Modular System: A Pragmatic Solution for Socially Conscious Architecture17Osama Adel A. HassanUnited Arab Emirates
12:1512:30Pilot Study on Ieq of An Aged-Care Facility In Victoria28Hing-wah ChauAustralia
Session ElevenChair: Koon Beng OoiPaperPresenterCountry
13:3013:45Sustainable Zero-Energy Heating Or Cooling and Ventilation of Affordable Housing47Koon Beng OoiAustralia
13:4514:00Comparison of The Quantitative Evaluation System Between ESGB and EEWH62Zhang XiangSingapore
14:0014:15Procurement, Sustainability & Adaptive Reuse Projects in Sydney57Sara WilkinsonAustralia
14:1514:30Occupant Energy Use Behavior and Satisfaction In Offices In Qatar5Djamel BoussaaQatar
14:3014:45Barriers for the Construction of a Zero Energy House in the UK – the ZEMCH 109 project by NRGStyle53Pablo Jimenez MorenoUnited Kingdom
14:4515:15Afternoon Tea
Closing SessionChair: Sara WilkinsonPresenterCountry
15:1515:25ZEMCH Network United Arab EmiratesHasim Altan and Kheira Anissa TabetUnited Arab Emirates
15:2515:35ZEMCH Network United KingdomNorrie Smith, Alison Quinn and Pablo Jimenez MorenoUnited Kingdom
15:3515:55ZEMCH 2019 International Conference Jun Tae KimSouth Korea
15:5516:00Final Remarks and thanksMasa NoguchiAustralia
16:0016:30Optional MSD tourMasa NoguchiAustralia