Carmela graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2009, with a Masters Degree (Conservation of Cultural Materials), specialising in the conservation of objects. She also holds a combined Bachelor of Science and Law from Monash University (1998) having previously had a career in law.

Carmela initially joined the Centre in mid 2009 as an assistant conservator and then as an Objects Conservator post-graduation. Carmela's experience in conservation is very diverse. She has undertaken conservation treatment on ceramic artworks, metal objects; organic materials including wood, leather, natural fibres and natural history objects. She has assisted with exhibition preparation for a variety of collections including a major indigenous exhibition.

Her previous area of research interest is the conservation of archaeological pottery and the impact of the use of adhesives on these materials. Her current areas of interest include the materials and techniques of contemporary art pieces made from synthetic materials and the conservation of contemporary sculptural works.


Australian Iinstitute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM)

International Council of Museum (ICOM)


Journal articles (*Refereed Journals)

  • Nel, P., C. Lonetti, D. Lau, K. Tam, A.G. Sagona, and R.J. Sloggett. "Analysis of Adhesives used on the Melbourne University Cypriot Pottery Collection using a Portable FTIR-ATR Analyser." Vibrational Spectroscopy 53 (2010), pp. 64-70.

Press Articles

  • Lonetti, C "Conservation of a Cypriot Vessel", University of Melbourne Collection, Issue 5, November 2009, pp 22-23.