Specialist Certificate in Economic Design

Area of Study Type of Course Level of Study
Buisness and economics Award Specialist Certificate
Course Specialist Certificate in Economic Design
Course Code SC-ECODES
Course Abbreviation SpecCertEconDesign
Partner Faculty Faculty of Business and Economics
Course Description Economic design provides a framework to understand the strategic interactions between parties in a given environment. The design and operation of markets and other economic institutions draws upon game theory and its applications in matching markets, auctions, and contract design. The specialist certificate is aimed at public policy makers as they diagnose and explore a range of policy problems, as well as potential solutions. Professionals with specific responsibility for procurement and other resource allocation roles will find the concepts and case studies especially valuable. The course comprises 2 x 12.5 point subjects. The course will be taught by experts in their respective fields with extensive experience in theory and practice.

The program is designed to offer opportunities for government professionals to extend their understanding of how economic design principles and mechanisms can improve a range of procurement and other resource allocation decisions. The course will introduce students to the design and maintenance of markets and other economic institutions: drawing upon game theory and its important applications in matching markets, auctions, and incentive design.
Delivery Mode Face to Face and Online (via LMS)
Who Should Apply The program is aimed at public policy professionals

The course comprises of two subjects totalling 25 credit points:

ECON90069 Introduction to Economic Design

This subject introduces four key elements;
1. ‘Introduction to Economic Design and understanding Strategic Behaviour’ which provides an overview of the economics models to be presented in the course.
2. ‘Auctions and Secondary Markets’ outlines the role of these approaches to procurement and other government purchasing activities.

ECON90070 Advanced Topics in Economic Design

This subject explores four advanced economic elements:
1. ‘Contracts and Matching Mechanisms’ and
2. A capstone experience exploring antitrust and collusion behaviours.
Assessment Each of the eight topics in the course has participatory, experimental and written assessments.

For each topic two written assessments are required to be completed outside of the classroom:
  • one minor assessment to be submitted one week prior to the topic’s delivery, and
  • one assignment submitted two weeks post topic delivery
Pathways to Further Study Further studies maybe achieved through a number of postgraduate programs offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics, including a first year of a Masters.
Entry Requirements In order to be considered for entry, applicants must have prerequisites:
  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification, plus at least 5 years documented, full time, relevant professional experience or;
  • 10 years relevant professional experience which demonstrates the capacity to successfully undertake the course. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee selection
In ranking applications, the Selection Committee will consider:
  • prior academic performance; and
  • prior work experience
The Selection Committee may seek further information to clarify any aspect of an application in accordance with the Admission and Selection into Course Policy.

The minimum English language requirements for this course are Band 6.5.
Course Fees $8040 ($4020 per subject)
FEE HELP If you are an Australian citizen, you may be eligible for the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP loan program, a scheme that helps you defer all or part of your tuition fees.

Fee-Help is a loan from the Australian Government to cover tuition fees and is available to Australian Citizens only.
Key Dates Canberra

Nominations close

Thursday, 13 April – 12 noon

Nominees will be invited to formally apply through the University of Melbourne

Friday, 21 April

Applications close

Friday, 5 May – 12noon

Formal offers made

Monday, 15 May

Offer must be accepted by

Friday, 19 May

Students can access reading materials and assignments through the University of Melbourne Learning Management System (LMS)

Monday, 22 May

The first two 100-200 word assessments due for Topics 1 & 2 (full details of assessments and due dates will be available on the LMS)

Wednesday, 31 May

Key Dates Melbourne - see below
Additional Information Applications for Canberra close 5pm 5 May 2017

Applications for Melbourne - Open date to be advised
Delivery Dates and Times

Stream 1
7-8 June 2017
14-15 June 2017
21-22 June 2017
28-29 June 2017

Stream 2
8-9 June 2017
15-16 June 2017
22-23 June 2017
29-30 June 2017


Stream 1
3 and 6 July 2017
10 and 13 July 2017
17 and 20 July 2017
24 and 24 July 2017

Stream 2
4 and 7 July 2017
11 and 14 July 2017
18 and 21 July 2017
25 and 28 July 2017
Delivery Venue Canberra - Treasury Building, Langton Crescent, Parkes ACT
Melbourne - Venue to be confirmed
Contact Us About the course:
Dr Jun Xiao
T: +61 3 9035 3161
E: jun.xiao@unimelb.edu.au

For application information:
Program Coordinator
T: +61 3 9035 6419
E: cmd-courses@unimelb.edu.au